Chennai, India

Leather tanning has been our family business since 1952 then known as "SKIN SUPPLIERS".

Started as dry salted hides exporter we have come a long way to produce 3,00,000 square foot of finished leather per month for some well known global brands.

Till today the "raw" leather is purchased under our strict supervision and we maintain high standard for our global customers.

All finished leather produce by us is only made from our purchased "raw" leather. No compromise on quality as origin of leather is crucial.

This has been our forte for we have inherited this exemplary practice.

Leather tanning has changed a lot in India over the years.

The machineries are now state of the art. The management has become more professional. The labour practices have improved. Environmental friendly chemicals are widely available. In short it is more aligned with advanced global norms.

What has not changed is the expertise in sourcing raw leather.

This is where we bring our experience. No matter how advanced is the technology, chemicals and production practice are if the input is not good then output will remain bad.

In short, we are able to deliver products which are technically superior and commercially viable.


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